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Meet our Cat Mimi

My story

My adventure started roughly in 2011, in Holland, in the barn of a dairy farmer. I was just a little shadow running past all these scary big animals called Human and didn't dare go and say hi. This was until I met Jo. Jo spent hours on end trying to befriend me with food and winking, giving me trust signs. And this is how it all begun, I dared to say hallo and we have been friends ever since.

All the people on the farm were super nice to me and i soon spent everyday on the coffee table looking for  sweets and attention.

Barn life was the perfect life, I ran up and down the Hay mountain, chased the rabbits and the Chickens for fun everyday and felt the warmth lying on top of the Horses I trusted.


This is where everything changed. One day everything felt different. I didn't know what was going on, but all animals started to been taken away from the farm. first all cows then all Horses and I didn't know what was happening. Jo put me in a scary wooden basked, which I never seen before and took me away from the life I always have known. the journey felt like a lifetime, (4 hours drive) until we stopped and got out. 

Jo took me into a very small house, I think they call it an Apparent in Germany.

I got out and wandered about. Didn't know what to do with myself but looked at Jo and she said everything is okay, so I just lied down on the rug and started rolling about.

A few days in and Jo opened a door... I couldn't believe my eyes. Big trees everywhere and new smells. so I went for an adventure. 

I spent this whole year Playing and hunting in this beautiful germen forest and got used to being a house cat very soon.

A year has gone by in this beautiful Forrest and before I knew, I had to exchange pine trees to palm trees ?

Jo again put me into this strange basked. I really didn't want to be in there and got Jo very worried. So I got my will and she took me out and put me on top of her cars handbrake on a sheepskin. Little did I know  this is going to be my new home for the next 20 years ! ( 20 hours car drive)

Now we drove for Hours on end, until we got to this big wall of steal. we drove inside and it was very loud and scary. Jo got me out of the car and Put me into this horrible steal cage. But its was alright as she came every half an hour to give me treats... and I LOVE treats.

Next day we continued our car journey and this is when I finally met my new Grandparents! Manuela and Thomas. I got out of the cage in this house ( it has stairs ) never seen those   walked around and thought " yeah, I can live with this" And this is the day i became a Highland Tiger ! My new home, the beautiful fairy garden I call home since 2015.


So the reason, that we do not allow dogs, is simply because I am very scared of Dogs. I have been attacked twice and that's  why they make me feel very uncomfortable. 

This is me cuddled up with My Mom Jo.

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